Drum Circle Etiquette

  1. Listening to each other is the key to communication.
  2. When in doubt, keep it simple. Use the heartbeat to anchor the groove.
  3. If you solo, share the solo space, give others a chance while you take turns playing the supportive accompaniment. Soloists remember this is not a competition.
  4. Beginners please have fun and don’t worry about making mistakes. Beginners please do not play cowbell, clave, or loud shakers. These instruments need specific rhythms with perfect timing.
  5. Listen for the pulse of the rhythm, feel the groove, and support it.
  6. Please do not touch or borrow someone’s instrument without asking permission.
  7. Remove all hand and wrist jewelry to prevent damage to hand, jewelry, and drum.
  8. Let there be space in the music, allowing room to communicate. Space defines rhythm.
  9. Do not intentionally change the rhythm, or tempo, this may happen naturally, as a group.
  10. Be aware of your playing volume.
  11. When a rhythm ends, allow at least a few seconds for silence.
  12. The inner circle is for the dancers.
  13. No fire spinning, poi, hooping, bright lights or flashing lights inside the circle, unless the circle is large enough, this varies in different groups.
  14. If you want to talk to your friend, or use the phone, go outside the circle. Phones on silence.
  15. Abiding local laws: Don’t put our group at risk by doing illegal activities near the group.
  16. All smoke must be outside the circle, preferably downwind.
  17. If there is a bonfire, keep a safe distance from the fire, and be aware of the fire keepers’ path.
  18. Each drum circle has slightly different etiquette, if you are unsure, just ask.
  19. Unless facilitated, drum circles have no “leader” this is a community gathering of friends, family & neighbors. Please leave your ego elsewhere.
  20. Most of all we’re here to have fun… smile, enjoy, stay positive, and please pack your trash.

Posted by Charles Baumgartner – https://www.facebook.com/charles.baumgartner.

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